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Since our inception, we have been working with teachers in various capacities. From content creators to content editors and ‘Ask a Teacher’ respondents for our unique student- teacher interaction feature.  The feature enables students to ask difficult academic questions and they get responses on a first come first serve basis.

Working with the teachers ensures that we are always curating and  providing quality revision content to learners that use Shupavu291 for individualized and personalized learning.

As an Edtech company, one of our key stakeholders continue to be practicing teachers who are playing a key role in our mission to make 50 million learners smarter in Africa through use of mobile technology. 

We work with teachers from both primary and secondary levels. These teachers have been at the forefront in referring learners to Shupavu291 apart from the various marketing campaigns we do.

Teachers have been  used to the conventional way of teaching; that is standing in front of a classroom with a chalk or a whiteboard marker with 40 minutes to engrave knowledge and set their students up for success in life.

There are those who also provide private tutoring to students and homeschooling but at the moment, none of these activities can happen due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic. Governments across the world have had to close down learning institutions to curb the spread of the virus.

According to UNESCO, close to  63 million primary and secondary teachers have been affected by school closures in 165 countries due to the Covid-19.

We managed to talk to some of the teachers that we work with to find out how they are coping with not being in class and on how having a technology that works for all is key during this stay at home period. 

“What l love about Eneza Education is that it has given students and adults learners in Kenya a platform to learn , affordably and it is very accessible. Irrespective of their background or whether they have smartphones or not they are treated in equal measure.” said Violet  Mwakazi, one of our teachers working as an Ask a Teacher respondent.

 “Honestly, it’s emotionally draining not being able to have a clear timeline as to when schools will reopen. I am  so worried for my pupils and especially my candidates, who apparently not all are able to access phones or other resources  to continue learning.” Added Violet.

Though the schools are closed, it is interesting to find out that teachers are still in communication with their students through the different social media platforms. 

Charles Odiwor has been working with Eneza since 2014 and has been busy answering students’ questions through our Ask a Teacher feature and  sending assignments and revision materials to his students on Whatsapp groups and Facebook messenger. He however notices that it is only benefiting students with access to smartphones and some of the students are being left out.

On working with Eneza, “Working with Eneza in content creation involves a lot of reading and research on topics one is working on, thus providing learners with comprehensive content to help them when taking quizzes on Shupavu291. Eneza has helped me build my digital skills by working online, typing, being up to date with my emails, google sheets, etc. Through Shupavu291, I believe I have served hundreds or thousands of students whom I could not serve by just teaching in class. I have also been able to interact with other teachers from different schools working at  Eneza.”

Life looks a little different from what has been normal. Staying indoors the whole day without interacting much, especially with my students, personally seems to me like a turn-around on everything that has been my norm. I feel students too are missing a lot and are probably worried if things are ever coming back to normal soon. Thanks to Eneza Education for giving access to revision materials through Shupavu291. I believe it will go a long way to help students cope with the current situation.”  said Charles on the current crisis being faced by the educational system due to COVID-19 pandemic.

We are really proud of the teachers who worked with us to develop content and the ones engaging learners on Ask A Teacher. To all the teachers doing the best they can to support learners during this period, we really appreciate you. 

To register your learners to Shupavu291 ask them to dial *291# on a Safaricom line or visit for ShupavuWeb


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