Creating Equal Access to Revision Materials for all Students and Candidates in Kenya Through Shupavu291 Revision Papers

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In Kenya,  the academic achievement of primary and secondary students is assessed through the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of  Secondary Examination (K.C.S.E) 

This examination which is offered by the Kenya National Examination Council (K.N.E.C – an organ of the Ministry of Education) is administered to primary school and secondary school students at the end class 8 and form 4 respectively; is crucial as it decides whether the learner makes the step forward or not.

Those in primary, doing well in the examination guarantees  them a spot at the best national and county schools in the country and for secondary students, a student needs to score a mean grade of C+ to be admitted into the public universities.

For students to be able to perform well in these examinations, proper preparation ought to have taken place before they sit for the examinations. Good preparation not only ensures that students are less stressed and better prepared but also are likely much better to perform well

Unfortunately, for learners coming from disadvantaged households, this is not the case. High costs of revision materials is the main challenge that students and their parents encounter in their bid to get ready for these important examinations . The average cost of a revision booklet is Ksh 500.

As the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen, students whose parents are not able to afford to buy them revision books end up missing on preparing well for examinations. As a result, stress and anxiety are usually what the students go through in exam rooms hence bad performance.

One of the ways that we are trying to prepare learners for exams is the curation of yearly and termly revision papers available for students learning on our SMS and Web platforms.

Once you sign up on our Shupavu291, we have a feature named Revision papers; that enables students to access unlimited revision papers both for primary and secondary levels. Our main objectives when creating the papers are to: prepare learners for upcoming exams, evaluate what the learners have learnt and to prepare candidates for national exams.

With Shupavu291 past papers, learners can access all revision papers for all class levels making it easier to revise topics that they are not confident about at their own pace. Learners receive feedback to each and every question in bit sized explanations when they answer correctly or wrongly to a question.On top of revision papers, learners can access lessons and quizzes, offline Wikipedia and can also ask questions to our teachers through the Ask a Teacher platform.

There is no better feeling for students than being prepared for upcoming exams, especially when they know they’ve put in the work. Constant revision means much less stress and anxiety, plus it allows students to study at their own pace rather than exhausting themselves with all-nighters a week before the big day.


To access Shupavu291 past pacers reply with REVISE to 20851 or visit for ShupavuWeb revision papers.

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