Introducing Shupavu291 Mock Papers

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 As learners across the country continue to adjust to  the new and different ways of continuing with their learning at home, here at Eneza our commitment to ensure that learning does not stop remains to be our motivating factor.

School closures have brought along numerous challenges that pose a threat to the future of many learners, teachers and parents; who in a way are not even able to cope with these challenges. Child labor, child pregnancies and loss of jobs for parents, teaching and non teaching staff and many other in the educational sector.

Through our partnership with Safaricom Plc that began in April, over 2 million learners have been able to receive free revision materials to help them keep up with their learning while at home. Upon registration on our platforms, learners have been able to receive revision lessons, revision papers, Wikipedia and even interact with our teachers by asking any questions on our Ask a Teacher feature.

Candidates in primary and secondary that were to sit for their national exams at the end of the year have now been made to wait for another year to graduate to the next level. 

Our goal during this period to ensure that learning does not stop especially for candidates in primary and secondary that were to sit for their national exams at the end of the year. Our content team has developed Shupavu Mock Papers that aim to help the candidates have a feel of how the national exams are set.

The mock papers can be accessed by learners in class 8 and form 4 on the Revision Papers feature once they are registered on Shupavu291 or ShupavuWeb.

To find out more about Shupavu Mock papers, we spoke to one of our Content Associates involved in the creation of these papers to find out why and how the papers will be of benefit to the candidates.

“The Mock exam as the name says, is a practice exam, designed to be as much like the real exam as possible(KCSE and KCPE exams). It is comprehensive meaning that it tests all that has been taught in the previous classes making it beneficial to class 8 and Form 4 students.”  said Dalphine who is part of the content team and heavily involved in the curation of the content

 “The purpose of the mock papers is to give the student a good idea of what to expect in a typical KCPE/KCSE set up and also, acts as a good indicator of topics not grasped, which might be worth going over again.”

Dial *291# from a Safaricom line to access Shupavu291 click on the link for ShupavuWeb.


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