Introducing Shupavu291 Learners Study Guide

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a great deal of learning disruption that will take a lot of time and resources to bring learners to where they had left off before the school closures. 

In a school setting, learning has been structured in a way to meet the objectives of each subject at the end of every academic calendar. Guides are usually issued by the ministry to guide teachers on how learning outcomes should be achieved at the end of every term.                                                                                             

With schools closed till January 2021,learners and parents have found it very difficult to develop study guides that will guide study time and also to help to give perspective on what they need to accomplish and the time to do it.

School closures have forced parents to play the role of a teacher and it is becoming harder for them to ensure learning is continuing in the house. Parents were not equipped to manage home and mobile learning as the assumption has always been that their child will go to school. Some of the challenges being faced by parents are; low literacy skills, limited resources, unavailability of digital learning devices like tablets and computers as well as devices like television and radio. 

In a bid to keep students engaged with their studies at home, our content team has developed a home study guide that aims to help parents and learners plan for their learning during this period. Our content team has developed a weekly guide that students can use to revise on all the class subjects once they are on the platform.

Parents and learners subscribed on Shupavu291 and ShupavuWeb will be able to receive customized messages on topics that should be covered in the current term syllabus. This is meant to keep learners engaged with studies and also to ensure that they cover all subjects and not just their favorites.

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