Shupavu291 Helping Candidates Fulfill Academic Ambitions

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When learning institutions across the globe closed abruptly early March last year, there was a lot of uncertainty and panic on how students would continue with their studies while at home. Parents and students were left alone to look for alternative ways of learning and this was difficult given that nobody had experienced such a situation before.

In Africa, there has always been a challenge in terms of access to technology based learning and the pandemic made it even harder especially for learners coming from unprivileged backgrounds and those from rural areas to continue with their studies.

Students that were preparing for their KCPE exams had to find a way of revising for the exams without having access to the classroom and their teachers. Though there were efforts made by the government and relevant authorities to make sure that learning did not stop like radio, Tv and cloud based learning were only available to students that had access to these gadgets.

Shupavu291 helped many candidates to prepare for their national exams during the stay at home period and after schools were reopened early this year.

When the KCPE results were announced, the messages of gratitude we received have been quite inspiring.

Here are some of the messages we have received from learners that used Shupavu291 to prepare for the KCPE exams;

“I learned about Shupavu291 in 2020 when schools were closed from my cousin. When I told my mum about it, she bought me a phone to start reading on Shupavu291. I love the revision lessons because they were very helpful as they make you understand a topic before you start doing the questions. Then you would get explanations whether you were right or wrong that would make you understand better. I got 410/500 marks in this year’s KCPE and I am hoping to join a good National school either Alliance girls or Kenya High.I would like to be a Neurosurgeon when I grow up.” Blessing from Hill Springs Academy in Meru County told us.

“Shupavu291 helped me prepare for my exams and was able to score 348/500 marks in KCPE. I did not have access to any revision books or textbooks but through Shupavu291, I was able to access past papers, revision lessons and would even ask the Shupavu291 teachers difficult questions and they would respond. The revision lessons were really helpful because I used to write them down in my notebook and read them later. I used to read everyday after school from 8PM to 10PM. They have very nice explanations that are easy to understand. At times I would ask a question in class and the teacher would tell me to wait or see them later in the staffroom because they did not have the answer. But on Shupavu291, you can ask a question and get your response in minutes. I am very grateful to Shupavu291 and may you continue helping others.” Charles from Rachilo Primary School in Kisumu County

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