15,000 KCPE Practice Questions now available for candidates on Revise na Mwalimoo

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new product Revise na Mwalimoo that will enable class 8 candidates to prepare for their KCPE by accessing 15,000 KCPE practice questions.

Candidates are able to customize their revision by allowing them to filter the questions by subject, year and the topic of their choice. The platform also provides a real time marking scheme to questions completed by candidates on the platform.

Revise na Mwalimoo helps class 8 candidates practice for their KCPE exams by going through KCPE past papers between the years 2000 to 2020.

After creating a user account , the learner will be able to choose the year and the topics that they would like to study, access to past papers at their own preferred time and track their performance after every session completed on the platform.

Revise na Mwalimoo ensures ease of access to KCPE past papers from previous years so as to help candidates familiarize themselves with how the national exams are set. It is very affordable with students having a choice of either pay daily, monthly or yearly.

The pandemic disrupted school calendars heavily and the impacts are still being felt with no specific time being put on when schools and learners will recover from this. For example this year we will be having 4 national exams being undertaken and the school calendars are expected to return to normalcy in January 2023.

With that in mind, exam preparation will be key so as to help learners do well in their national exams. One can only imagine the kind of pressure that schools and learners have been under to complete the syllabus and start revising for exams.

Revise na Mwalimoo will ensure that candidates adequately prepare for their examinations by giving candidates the freedom to choose how, when and what to practice in order to give them confidence going into the exam room.

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